6 Effective and Working Tips To Help You Grow Your MLM Business From Your Home: Pandemic Or Not

While the current situation of a global pandemic has forced changes in many lives and fields, operating from home was already an accepted way to do business. A number of successful ventures and businesses started out from home before going to the market. It is just that this pandemic has brought a number of businesses back to homes. 

From what the world has seen so far, direct selling and MLM has been quite directly affected by the pandemic, with distributors and networkers finding it difficult to approach people. However, one of the most important parts of MLM training has always been to never lose sight of the goal and to never let any event stop you from success. Then how can a pandemic take your business’s growth in the negative? Let alone a pandemic, there are countless stories of people who grew their business from their home pre-pandemic as well. 

Here is how you can grow your business from your home, irrespective of whether there is a pandemic or not.


Growing Your MLM Business From Your Home

       Virtual Meets

It is understandable that you cannot meet everyone face-to-face. COVID-19 is just another one of those conditions that prevent you from meeting your team or prospective clients. You can take your meetings online. There are a number of Online video/conferencing programs that you can use to stay in touch with your network and/or your team.

       The Much Needed Leader

Leaders draw people to themselves, so do entrepreneurs. In a time filled with high levels of uncertainty, people are looking for leaders who think ahead, who question themselves over “where to go from here?” and “how can I help this situation?” Instead of focusing on the problem or the solution as separate entities, think ahead and find solutions for problems that people may face in the future.

       Make Online Your Basis

Online is the best and safest way to grow your business currently. With people spending more time, money, and trust in products and services available online, this is the time when you can shine. Use your reach on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to gain more ground and publish new content for your followers, network, and customers to see.

       Create A Plan

However, everything else can be made second in this time, but what you need to do primarily is to create your plan. This plan is not only your basis for work but is also your foresight into the future. This plan is going to be your guideline to work every day, kind of like a schedule that you need to stick to, also like your goal that needs to be achieved.

       Have A Dedicated Workspace

This cannot be stressed enough. The office is where people prefer to work because it has the right environment to provide results. Working from home does not mean you bring your laptop to the table or to your bed. Have a dedicated workspace where you operate from, call people from, attend meetings at, and basically spend your time coming up with ideas.


Publish a newsletter for your customers and prospective clients, or just about anyone who has shown an interest in your work. It is your way of not only approach new clients, but also to re-engage your existing customer base. Plus, preparing your own newsletter helps you in improving your pitching skills and makes people aware of what you are working on and how it may all benefit them.


In addition to this, engaging your team, training your recruits, and sharing everyone’s achievements can all be done while you work from home. All you need is the right push and you are good to go. Regarded as one of the best startups on India’s top MLM company list , Dayjoy is extending all the resources at their disposal for representatives to grow their business even in times like this. Get in touch with our experts to join the growing family and set up your own MLM business.