Adila Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to the research, development, and
production of Herbal Medicines such as Herbal Digestive Powder,
Herbal Syrup, Herbal Tablets, and Herbal Capsules.



Arjun Singh

I still remember that time when I completed my target and Dayjoy rewarded me with my own brand new laptop. It was a great day for me. Dayjoy has given me the hope of success while working as a self-employed marketer. Thank you, Dayjoy.

Astha Verma

I have always chosen natural and herbal treatment over modern medicine. This is why I am using Adilipo for my heart health and also switched to Dayjoy's Rice Bran Oil. I am absolutely loving the results. It has helped me in keeping diseases at bay and I would suggest you to surely give this a try.

Ayushma Murali

Being a direct selling executive in remote locations is always troublesome because you have to wait for long times for the products. But Dayjoy is different. They have never given me a chance to complain. They are always on time and always the best in quality.

Archana Jadon

Dayjoy has given me a different level of self-dependency. I joined as a base level distributor and within a year, I am now on a Gold Director with Dayjoy. It has been a great year and I think I will continue my business with Dayjoy.

Bhanu Mudgil

I started at Dayjoy as a college student with no savings. I now have my own smartphone, my own bike, and just before the lockdown, I funded my own trip to Goa. Dayjoy has given me more than I could imagine, and it continues to add value to my life. Thank you Dayjoy.

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