Curind By Dayjoy : Powered By Nature For Your Health

India is the land that has rightly discovered the hidden powers of nature, the first-ever science of healthcare; Ayurveda. The power of nature and the science of Ayurveda is so vast that they are yet not exhaustively explored. But whatever has been discovered so far, has always led to new avenues in herbal drug discovery. Dayjoy took the best of the ancient knowledge and created ‘Curind.’ As a healthcare brand that focuses on the wellness of people of all ages without using any synthesised chemicals, Dayjoy has brought the power of nature in the form of Curind.

 With a range of treatments that are nature friendly and balanced, Curind has quickly become one of the fastest-growing brands under Dayjoy’s Umbrella. Consisting of natural products and supplements in the form of syrups, tablets, concoctions and rich juices. Here is a rundown of the amazing range of curind. 

Curind Range of Products

●       Syrups

One of the most potent ways of administering medicines in the Indian culture has been through syrups; they are easy to digest and work effectively. As part of this way of healing, Curind has a wide range of special syrups including Adicardial (for Leucorrhoea, physical weakness and menstrual cramps) and Asthheal (cough syrup). In addition to this, Curind also features HB+ for treating anaemia and liver functioning issues, Gas-O-Free, and Liv Ease for livercare.

●       Tablets

The most extensive range in Curind is that of natural tablets. The range features an array of tablets to treat issues related to Leucorrhoea (Adicardial), Sexual performance (Adila Forte), Heart Health (Adilipo), Liver health (Adiliv), Diabetes (Di Beat), Piles (Go Piles), Immunity Boost (Ayush Kwath and Hi-Energy), Bone & Joint health (Orthofix), and Lung Health (N-Astheal).

●       Teas And Green Teas

Tea has been a special part of our culture, and while the origin of tea may not be from India, our culture tells us that we have been drinking warm concoctions for thousands of years. As a result, Curind features tea and green teas that are designed to provide healing. The Ayush Kwath tea, the Clove Green tea, and Kahwa Masala Chai are the forerunners in this section.

●       Juices

Curind also features fresh juices for your consumption. The Rich Berry Juice and the Seabuckthorn Juice are made to provide you with the best nutrition that your body needs, while also bringing the benefits of nature’s best ingredients.


Curind is all about healthcare and that is why it is a fast-growing brand for Dayjoy. People have begun to believe in the power of our natural healing methods, and that is why Curind is in high demand. Get a chance to sell Curind and many such great products with the best network marketing in India (, Dayjoy. Get in touch with one of our representatives and start building your own business with Dayjoy today.