Adila Agro Foods

The state-of-the-art production facility at Adila Agro conforms to the top-end quality standards.

Our initiative is a step towards introducing our consumers to more and more healthy food choices. Keeping in mind the tastes and trends popular among consumers, each business is directed towards delivering superior competitive capabilities.

Our processes encompass multiple quality checks to ensure that the products that we send out are nothing but a sheer delight to the consumers. The in-house R&D facilities conform to the world-class standards and form the heart of the innovation at Adila.

Adila Agro has established Asia’s biggest dehydration unit, which uses heat source and airflow to reduce or remove the liquid content of foods. In addition to the dehydration machine, our production unit boasts of the top-end fryer machines and 15 packaging machines that are capable of producing tons of products on a regular basis. For effective production flow, extruder machines are also established.


Haldi 1 Tonne/Hour
Dhaniya 1 Tonne/Hour
Mirchi 500 Kg/Hour
Dehydration Unit 500 Kg/Hour
Fryums 300 Kg/Hour
Chips 500 Kg/Hour
Besan 2 Tonne/Hour
Juices 10 Tonne/Day
Namkeen 1 Tonne/Hour

Large-scale filler machines to leverage the economies of scale.

Adila Biotech

Adila Biotech’s ability to leverage effective manufacturing infrastructure across its diverse business lends a competitive advantage to its products and services.

The challenging task of driving science-led product innovation has been carefully addressed by appropriately identifying the required set of core competency areas of production such as:

  • A tablet punching machine with the capacity of producing 1,00,000 tablets/day,
  • Automatic syrup filling and sealing machine with the capacity of producing 30,000 bottles/day,
  • Hand filling capsule machine with the capacity of producing 30,000 capsules/day,
  • Coating pan machine with the capacity of producing 1,00,000 tablets/day,
  • Automatic liquid manufacturing plant with a capacity of 5000 litres/day.

These machines are capable of accommodating large-scale production.

Conforming to the world-class standards, Adila Biotech has constructed a three-floored production area which covers all aspects of developing and manufacturing products.

Packing unit
unit 2
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