Dayjoy Marketing, is a direct selling company and a renowned wellness brand committed to delivering top-notch lifestyle products. Our focus spans health, beauty, overall wellness, and various household items, all aimed at enhancing the quality of life for our valued customers.

Our products boast a simple yet effective formulation, utilising natural ingredients. At Dayjoy, our dedicated in-house R&D team consistently strives to provide a holistic experience and lifestyle to all our customers. The success of our sub-products like Asthprash, Curind, Wildmuse, Yumdum, Aayushmaan, Happy Grow, Domatti and Homeshine is a testament to this commitment. Dayjoy operates under the umbrella of the Adila Group, a brand dedicated to creating world-class products of unparalleled quality and excellence. The company is led by Mr. Anmol Agarwal and Mr. Divyansh Agarwal , visionary entrepreneurs, whose ideals form the foundation of Dayjoy. Our brand focuses on offering straightforward solutions for the community's well-being, constantly striving for advancements. This is exemplified by our latest launches Bio-Germanium and Perfect-Ion.

Dayjoy, which is a leading direct selling company, aims to empower and foster the growth of aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Through our smart direct selling business model, we invite ambitious individuals to embark on a wholesome journey, cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset. By becoming a part of the ever-growing Dayjoy family, you not only expand your financial horizons but also make a positive contribution to the community at large. Leading the mission of promoting healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives, you'll be instrumental in uplifting humanity.

Our vision for the Dayjoy family is to foster exemplary leadership and financial excellence. We aspire to become India's best network marketing company, offering complete backward integration to our members. This will not only create enhanced networking opportunities for our family but also cultivate an exclusive sense of belonging for everyone associated with us. Join Dayjoy today and embark on a rewarding journey towards personal and financial growth while making a meaningful impact on people's lives.


We aim to set a new benchmark in direct selling segment along with creating a world of opportunities so that people do not have to compromise with their living standards, and they can live a life of economic independence.


To create values for our customers through products of the highest quality backed by the guarantee of satisfaction while maintaining our uncompromising values & principles as we grow.