Product Training

Product Training is the training given to sales associates so that they can communicate effectively with the customer to give them appropriate information about the product without searching for answers here and there.

We have product training in three different types of categories:-

  • Health Care
  • Personal Care
  • Cosmetics Care


DayJoy’s flagship product is Asthprash and therefore there are flagship training for Asthprash. Sales professionals are given complete knowledge about the product and also told how to use it. Testimonials are also given to them to have a better understanding of the product. Flagship Training along with testimonials makes it easier for associates to convey our message of creating the product more effectively.


Leadership refers to the quality of person of working together in a group with everyone as a team. As a leader, they need to impart every single detail our organization to employees and customers as well. Dayjoy makes sure we transform all our distributors and sales professionals and individuals into leaders so that they can work together and be an active part of the company’s progress.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills help our distributors to groom into Professionals by learning how to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Soft skills are a combination other skills such as communication skills, attitude, intelligence etc. Therefore, we at DayJoy make sure Soft skills are imparted well. Because, Soft Skills if demonstrated well gives great output.

Motivational Skills

Motivational skills are a part of soft skills and therefore we ensure that our distributors and sales professionals are always motivated to do better and better by continuously learning new skills with us and using them to make brand experiences better. Motivated employees help the company in achieving targets. They lead to increased productivity and higher output.

Selling Skills

Selling skills refers to the skills of a sales professional by which they can sell their products to the customers. We at DayJoy provide selling skills to our sales professionals in various ways to improve their interaction with customers and also for a better brand experience.