Dayjoy's Suraksha Kavach: Keeping You Safe From Harmful Virus And Bacteria

The world is witnessing a deadly virus and is still recovering from the effects of the pandemic. The recent second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak in India has made us all way more cautious and careful than ever before. Therefore, in times like these, you need a shield of protection around you and your family, so you can all be protected from the rapid spread of the virus and any other harmful diseases. 

And that is exactly what Dayjoy’s Suraksha Kavach is all about. Recognising the fact that the worst of this pandemic is not over yet, you need to be more cautious and build your immunity at the same time.

This is why this specially designed combo pack of 7 of the best products from Dayjoy’s lineup is all the help you will need. Here is all you need to know about the Suraksha Kavach combo package, brought to you by Dayjoy.


The Suraksha Kavach You Need


The most important thing to maintain in a time like this is your respiratory health, which is on a compromised level already owing to how much pollution we have to face every day. Also, it is common knowledge that the Coronavirus substantially weakens our lungs after exposure, which is why it is important to ensure that they remain immune and strong. Asthprash is a clinically tested product proven to boost immunity and lung health. This product is a must-have in trying times like this.

       Tulsi Max

Another great option for the health of your lungs, Tulsi Max utilises the ancient knowledge about the most revered plant in the Indian tradition; the holy basil. These drops are proven to help people with asthma, coughing and breathing difficulties prevent any adverse episodes while also improving the body's natural defence mechanism.

       Seabuckthorn Juice

While your body is protected, you also need something that boosts your everyday energy needs. This is why Seabuckthorn juice is a great value addition to your everyday life. It can blend with any diet routine and is an all-season energy boost for your activities, alongside being a supplier of protein, fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

       Dayjoy Mask

A mask has now become an important part of our lives, which is why Dayjoy is including a pack designer yet functional masks to match with all your outfits while also fulfilling your safety needs.


Your digestion has a lot to do with your overall immunity, which is why you must make sure that your stomach feels fine. The gas-O-Free syrup has antiflatulent and antioxidant actions that help in improving digestion, which is important for you to gain the maximum energy out of your food.

       Astheal Cough Syrup

An ayurvedic cough syrup designed to manage cough and congestion, Astheal is also proven to support the health of your respiratory system.

       Hand Sanitizer

Another great companion in the current days, hand sanitisers are as important as the masks that we have come to be so well accustomed to. The WildMuse hand sanitiser from Dayjoy is proven to provide protection against disease-causing germs and pathogens, including bacteria, yeast, mould and viruses.


It is important to remember that the way we survived the last wave of the pandemic was through self-control and great personal hygiene. We need to be strong and for that, we need a Suraksha Kavach around us. As one of the top network marketing companies in India ( ) based on quality products, Dayjoy takes great pride in introducing the Suraksha Kavach Combo Package for you. Head to our store and place your order for this great combo pack.