Job Loss During Pandemic: Why Are People Considering Self Employment And You Should Too

The COVID-19 pandemic made 2 significant changes in the life of people who were working to earn a living and create the lives of their dreams. 1. It affected the way people worked at their jobs or saw them getting laid off, and 2. It boosted everyone desire to create something of their own. The rise in self-employment during the deadly pandemic of the year 2020 has been significantly higher than the last many years. 

If you are one of the people who got laid off because of the tough time that the last year brought upon us all, it just may be the right time to turn to self-employment. Want to know why? Read along. 

Why Self Employment?


Self-employment brings control of all major business activities and decisions in your hand. The control over all aspects of the operations helps you decide what your business will do, how it will be promoted, and when it needs to expand. You are the owner and the chief executive.


While some of us are born with skills, others learn them through rigorous undertakings. Self-employment is one field where you will be using your skills while also getting to learn newer ones constantly. It will uplift your overall personality.


While it may not seem so in the beginning, but being self-employed can and will increase your earning potential in the longer run. Instead of waiting for the year-round for an appraisal, you can easily earn more with a few carefully made decisions right now.


You are the sole owner of your will to work, in whichever way you like. Yes, your business will need dedication, but you decide at what time of the day you want to start and when to close it for the day.

       Quality of Life

When you have better life experiences and increased earning potential, flexibility to choose your own working hours, and so much more than what you had with a job, your quality of life will definitely increase. 

Why Self Employment in 2021?

2021 has made us realise a lot of great things about ourselves by putting us in touch with our inner desires. When we were at home, doubting everything and finding new levels of trust with everything else, we came up with a new solution. And if that solution is going to change someone’s life while adding more value to your own, then your idea is great. 2021 is a great year for giving a better shape to that idea because we are now more trusting towards local businesses and fresh products. 

This is why becoming self-employed with a company like Dayjoy can prove to be a great choice in your life. Known as one of the top network marketing companies in India, Dayjoy offers the best products in the market while also promising great incentives and perks for all representatives who wish to start their own business. Join us today and begin your self-employment journey.