Dayjoy’s Line Of Products: Natural, Organic, And Full Of Possibilities

Right from the beginning of Dayjoy Marketing Pvt Ltd, the focus of the company has been only one thing: improving the overall well-being of everyone who is associated with us. Over the years, Dayjoy has come up with a great line of products that ranges from Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Ayurveda, Food, Supplements, and Cosmetics. Dayjoy’s R&D department has been working constantly to create better products to complement every walk of our consumer’s lives. 

As a result of this undying effort to make things better, the entire range of products has been made with the idea of nature and wholesomeness in mind. And it shows in almost every product as well. They are Natural, Organic, and with limitless possibilities for both, the user and the representatives who are an integral part of Dayjoy’s delivery channel. 

This blog is a detailed guide to all the lines of product that Dayjoy provides. 

Dayjoy’s Line of Products


Curind is a healthcare brand with products that have passed the highest standards of quality control in the market. Completely free of synthetic and toxic ingredients, Curind is a line of health supplements that take the best of nature to provide a balanced treatment for the consumer. Curind includes medicines like Adicardial, Adila Forte, Adilipo, Adiliv, Astheal, Ayush Kwath, Di-Beat, Gas-O-Free, Gopiles, HB+, Hi-Energy, Liv-Ease, Orthofix, and an assortment of herbal green teas and rich juices.


Asthprash is a concoction of natural ingredients that fuse together to create the best kind of healing for your lungs. Made to help your lungs recover from the harmful effects of pollution and smoking, Asthprash is aimed at preventing and treating several issues with the respiratory system, including Asthama Bronchitis, and infections of the lung.

       Wild Muse

Wild Muse is Dayjoy’s Skincare brand. A meaningful, organic, and all-natural range of products, Wild Muse brings the best of nature in its purest form for your skincare, haircare, and body care needs. Wild Muse includes Shower Gel, Anti Pollution Face Wash and Facial Kit, Daily Care Cream, Soaps, Eco-friendly Tooth Brush, Toothpaste, body lotion, Shampoo, Body Wash, and Sanitary pads.


Fashion is an important part of our lives, then why should it not be as organic and eco-friendly as everything else? That is the very basis of Domatti, the high fashion yet organic brand by Dayjoy. You can get premium fabrics and the best designs with every product you find in Domatti, which includes suit lengths, simple and designer masks, and T-shirts.

       Happy Grow

Happy Grow is a line of organic agricultural supplement products. Aimed to help the farmer grow crops with higher quality, higher quantity, and with a longer lifespan, Happy Grow makes use of natural ingredients to attain a better standard of produce. It includes 2 products, Prosperous and Transporter-80.


What is life, without some spice? The Indian culture is known the world around for its ecstatically appealing flavours and exotic spices. Aayushmaan by Dayjoy captures that spirit and brings a wide range of authentic Indian spices, minus the added calories, fat, sugar, or salt. Alongside this, Aayushmaan also features daily tea and rice bran oil, to cover all aspects of your healthy life.


Your home deserves the best of nature, just like you. While modern cleaners and cleaning agents give out results but with a horde of chemicals in them that pose a threat, Homeshine products are all-natural and made with organic ingredients. Homeshine presents the best of detergent bars, dishwash bars, dishwash liquid, and toilet cleaners.

       Yum Dum

Yum Dum is Dayjoy’s line of food products, especially the one that adds an unmatched level of taste to your daily life. You can find the best pickles, made with the finest ingredients in Yum Dum, including the Mango Pickle, Lime Pickle, and Mixed Pickle.


The products that well manufacture follow a similar ideology as the rest of our services; they must be natural, they must be organic, and they must add some value to someone’s life. This combined with the best network marketing plan that Dayjoy operates on makes us one of the best FMCG startups in the country. For more information on products or distributorship, get in touch with one of our experts today.