Major Mistakes Every New Network Marketer Should Be Aware Of 

As the need for additional income grows, the interest in network marketing grows significantly. Every month hundreds of individuals join MLM business intending to earn more income but unfortunately only a few of them successfully get the desired sales. The reason is almost every new network marketers make some major mistakes in the beginning and do not even realize it. This further affects their sales even after putting their best. If you have also joined an MLM company or thinking about the same, this blog is a must-read for you. It sheds light on some of the major MLM mistakes that you should avoid.  

MISTAKE #1 - Not Targeting the Right Audience 

This is one of the most common mistakes that every new network marketer make, which is simply pitching hundreds of customers without assessing their interest. This is why they fail in making desired sales even after putting in their efforts. It is imperative that you avoid this and focus on targeting the right audience who might be interested in buying such products.  

MISTAKE #2 - Not Loving the Product They Sell 

Successful network marketers generally have one feature in common, i.e., they always love the product or service they sell and this is something that makes them successful. But a lot of MLM network marketers join any random company to earn additional income, no matter, whether they love the product or not. This is why they fail to get the expected output. It is advisable that you conduct in-depth research about products and services before joining any company. 

MISTAKE #3 - Not Following Up with Customers 

A lot of newbie network marketers miss some amazing selling opportunities by skipping follow-ups with their customers. There are a lot of customers who will not buy any product in their first call with you and this often happens because they need time to give it a thought. Follow up with prospects so that you can convince them to buy the products. Take at least one follow up with the ones who showed even a little interest in buying products from you.


In today’s time, where there are hundreds of network marketers selling products online if you want to achieve success from the beginning, avoiding these aforementioned MLM mistakes will work for you. At Dayjoy, we offer the  best network marketing plan  to every employee and provide the appropriate training and platform to earn desired income. Join our company today and get a golden opportunity to earn a better income at your convenience.