Envision Your Home With Dayjoy: Three Brands To Redefine How You Live

A healthy home will always be a happy home, and this is the thought that has been guiding Dayjoy’s product development. We have always tried to give the highest quality of products and to make them available to everyone through our efforts. Since good living must start at home, Dayjoy’s range of products begin a deep and thorough care for your body, before projecting out and centring in your homes. 

As part of making this though the driving force behind the development of most of our products, Dayjoy designed 3 ranges of products specifically for your homes. This includes our special spices and flavours brand, Aayushmaan, the homecare brand, Homeshine, and the specialty foods brand Yum Dum. This blog takes you on a journey of understanding how Dayjoy can redefine your way of living. 

Dayjoy’s Brand for Your Homes


Aayushmaan features everything that is essential for your kitchen. From Chaat Masala to Garam Masala, from cashews to almonds, and from Haldi to Kasuri Methi, you can find everything that can make your cooking and eating experience better than excellent. We source the finest ingredients for every product in Aayushmaan and make sure that it reaches you in its freshest form. But don’t worry, we don’t make any compromise on everything, so you get the best for all your cuisines and your health.


Homeshine is a homecare product that features products that are designed to make your home sparkling clean and safe. From squeaky clean dishes in the kitchen to stain-free clothes, and a fresh smelling toilet, Homeshine takes care of cleaning everything that you need for a healthy life. Whatever you need cleaned, Homeshine has your back with powerful and effective products.

       Yum Dum

Yum Dum is the speciality foods brand from Dayjoy that features yummy and delicious treats to make your day great. From special Indian pickles, candies, and dried fruits to coffee, Yum Dum manages to capture the beauty of taste and health benefits of these speciality foods that are well known across the nation. With the use of only natural ingredients, Yum Dum captures the wholesome experience of Indian treats.


Dayjoy is truly a people’s brand, and that is why we created some of the most amazing brands in the domain of home care and personal care. Through these 3 brilliant brands, we aim at redefining the life of our customers. As one of the top network marketing companies in India Dayjoy is making these products reach the hands of consumers as quickly as possible and at the most affordable rates while also giving a sizable profit margin to our distributors. If you wish to know more about this opportunity, get in touch with us today.