Dayjoy’s Wild Muse Range Of Products: Goodness Of Nature For Complete Rejuvenation

We find our comfort in nature, our homes in nature, and that is why often most of our problems also find a solution in nature’s goodness. In continuation with this idea, Dayjoy created a range of products called Wild Muse to bring the goodness of nature directly into your life. A natural, toxin-free, and complete care routine for your body, Wild Muse is curated to bring the goodness of the best natural ingredients for you.

Completely in line with the entire idea of Dayjoy, Wild Muse is all about giving you the wholesome experience of the product, while helping you take your lifestyle to the next level. As it is the complete care for your body, the range of products includes everything for your use, from your head to your toes. Here is a quick look at the entire range!

Wild Muse Products

  • Bathing Products

Bathing products under Wild Muse are of the highest quality because of the use of the most effective and non-harmful ingredients. From Aloe Vera Shower Gel to Saffron Soap, you can find everything that is essential for your bathing needs. Wildmuse also makes Regain Aloe vera Shampoo which makes gives your hair its strength back naturally.

  • Skincare

Skincare is the next important aspect of our lives, and it is extremely important that you maintain your skin. It is, after all, your first impression with anyone that you will ever meet. That is why Wild Muse has a rejuvenating range of skincare products including Anti Pollution Face Wash, Rich Oils, Body Lotions, Tea Tree Face Wash, and Daily Care Creams. 

  • Hygiene products

Hygiene for your entire body is important because it makes you healthy by keeping a check on diseases caused by germs and viruses. Plus, in current times, sanitisation has become important, which is why alongside soaps, Wild Muse also features a great and effective hand sanitiser. 

  • Oral Hygiene

When you are taking care of all your hygiene then why should your oral hygiene be left behind? Wild Muse also includes a completely eco-friendly toothbrush made with bamboo and Herbosmile toothpaste, prepared through the use of ayurvedic ingredients. 

  • Sanitary Pads

Wild Muse also extends its expertise in providing all-rounded care for you through the unique 8-layer sanitary pads. It comes with a gel technology to help lock the fluids and odour, so you feel comfortable at all times. 

Nature has been our answer to all our troubles, and that is why Wild Muse takes pride in introducing such great products for everyone. Nothing can go wrong when you go green, and that is Wild Muse is one of the fastest-selling range of products from one of the top network marketing companies in India (, Dayjoy. If you wish to become a part of the Dayjoy family and help get our products to their right audience while building your own business, get in touch with one of our experts today.