Dayjoy's Treat For Tea Lovers: Complete Range Of Healthy Tea Mixes

Indians have a special connection with tea as it is a great part of our daily routines. All mornings start with a fresh cup of tea, conversations happen around a kettle in many households, and people coming back from their work often love to kick back with a mug of tea in their hands. Tea definitely warms our hearts and souls! 

At Dayjoy, we realised that tea is just as inseparable from our lives as tea becomes after it is mixed into the milk. So, we incorporated a few healthy tricks and twists into our products to make people enjoy their daily tea while also benefiting their health. 

Here are the 5 stellar tea mixes from the Dayjoy and Curind range of products. 

The Treat of Healthy Teas from Dayjoy

       Ayush Kwath Tea

Ayush Kwath is an ayurvedic formulation approved by the Government of India and is made to boost immunity tea. The tea can help you fight seasonal flus, cold and cough, and other infections to keep you at the top of your health. Other benefits of this tea include improvement in your general well-being, reducing the chances of stroke, and preventing heart diseases.

       Clove Green Tea

Green teas are important in helping you get rid of the toxins in your body. Rich in antioxidants, the Clove Green Tea from Curind is the herbal way of helping your body detox, clean and nourish itself. Through the consumption of Clove Green Tea, you can get benefits like weight loss and improved brain function. Fight toxins and inflammation as you sip on this wonderful tea.

       Kahwa Masala Chai

Kahwa is the native chai of the beautiful land of Kashmir. In this Kahwa Masala Chai mix, we pack some of the most exotic herbs to create a delightful flavour, reminiscent of the land that Kahwa hails from. Every sip of this tea is refreshing while the Ginger, Cardamom, Clove and Asafoetida in the Kahwa will help boost your well-being, digestion, skin health, metabolism, and immunity. That is one cup of tea nobody will refuse.

       Detox Tea

Detoxification of the body means taking the toxins and pollutants out of your body. With Dayjoy’s detox tea, detoxification becomes as easy as making tea. With the extracts of rose, cardamom, and cinnamon, the detox tea can help you brighten up your skin, strengthen your hair, and make you more active in your lifestyle.

       Immunity Tea

In the current circumstances, your immunity is your biggest asset in fighting off the plethora of flu and infections prevalent in the world. Dayjoy’s immunity booster tea is made from the finest tea leaves plucked from the lush gardens of Darjeeling. A cup of this refreshing mix will regenerate your strength and improve your performance against daily fatigue and tiredness.


Who thought that drinking tea can help you restore your health, little by little, every day. Turn your love for tea into a healthy habit with Dayjoy’s range of tasty teas. While you are building your health with our nutritious concoctions, earn a living by helping us promote these products in your network, with Dayjoy, India's no 1 direct selling network marketing company. Learn about our entrepreneurship opportunities by getting in touch with one of our experts today.