The Rise of the Direct Selling Industry

Network marketing is a business format in which the business owner uses a network of members to sell its products. They can either earn by selling the products directly or hire people to do this job for them. These people will, in turn, hire more members to sell the business owner's products and the chain goes on.

It gives rise to a multi-level hierarchy of distributors who are involved in selling and endorsing the products to the buyers. That's not all; every distributor involved in this business is an independent sales representative. They get paid for every sale they make or for every member they recruit.

In other words, every marketer will earn a bonus on the repeat business of selling products and hiring distributors. Let us dive into the details of the evolution of this industry and why are people attracted to it.

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4 Stage Development of Network Marketing

1st Stage (1920-1930) – It is the inception stage where the network marketing business came into existence. Despite the uncertainties about its future, budding businessmen came forward to try their luck in this industry.

2nd Stage (1930-1959) – It is the phase where the direct selling industry began to mature gradually. People started recognizing this business model and considered it as a fruitful business option. Its powerful and unique characteristics are the highlights of this industry.

3rd Stage (1960-1989) – By this time, the direct selling industry gets stronger, bigger, and faster. Compensation models and legal issues were defined in this phase. Online business and drop shipping became the new norm.

4th Stage (1990-till now) – The direct selling industry has matured now. It has attained social acceptance, greater professionalism, and global expansion. People are attracted to it for its higher recognition and earnings.  

What Attracts People to Direct Selling Business?

·         The most important aspect that attracts people to this business model is its high profitability. The larger your network, the higher will be your profits.

·     It is a robust and reliable business model that demands out-of-the-box thinking. A combination of creativity and business acumen can help you in achieving success in this industry.

·        People are bored with their regular 9 to 5 jobs. They are looking for career options that have flexible working hours. Network marketing allowed them to work anytime from any location in the world.

·     The sky is the limit for deserving people. If you have creative plans to develop and expand your business, network marketing is the right option for you.

·       Network marketing business requires very less initial capital investment. All you need to start your business is a laptop, a list of leads, and a fast internet connection.

It was all about the evolution of the network marketing industry and the salient features that attract people to it. If you also aspire to make a place in the top 10 highest-paying multilevel marketing  businesses, connect with the best in the industry, Dayjoy. We have extensive industry experience and profitable marketing plans for direct selling. 

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