How to find and attract more customers to your direct sales business in 2023

A new business can't expect to be successful if it can't afford to generate consistent revenue.

Direct selling is an option for ensuring a company makes sales, but attrition rates are high (which means you need to find other ways of attracting and retaining customers). 

Direct selling is a way to sell in bulk and provide products at a discounted price. For example, direct sales through home-based businesses can increase profit margins. Products are sold directly to the consumer without any retail store involved in the sale process. 

A direct sales business removes the middlemen involved in product distribution, like a regional distribution center and wholesaler. You can take care of all your products straight from a manufacturer, without waiting for distributors. If you are a distributor, i.e. sales representative working with a direct seller in your business, then the manufacturer is giving you products to sell to consumers.

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A few tips from Dayjoy will help you find and attract more customers to your direct sales business in 2023:- 

Give it away for free

If you’re a start-up or small business, marketing can be tough. Without big budgets and well-known brand recognition, convincing customers to buy what they don’t know is crucial. Free samples are a great way to show customers before they buy. They allow the customer to try before they buy, and satisfaction is guaranteed because the customer always has the option of returning one or more items they receive if they're not satisfied.

Use email marketing 

Door-to-door sales are not dead yet, but many businesses are doing most of their direct sales online nowadays. Although email marketing offers a number of benefits like broader reach, lower costs, and a data-driven approach to getting the most customers, you should be aware of the best practices when employing this marketing method. 

Get social with social media 

When starting a direct sales business the first people you should turn to are your friends & family. It can be an easier way to start but is not sustainable. With social media, you can go beyond just advertising your business. Social Media helps you create a page dedicated to your product to increase the visibility of your brand. You can post high-quality photos and update people about special offers and services which helps build rapport with customers. The main reason for using social media is to build a community that appreciates and cares for one another. 

Cut costs with cross-promotion 

Marketing costs often seem overwhelming with business. However, instead of spending heavily on advertising, you can look for strategic partnerships to help you reallocate your marketing budget. By using cross-promotional marketing, you can attract far more customers than before and do so without sinking into a hidden trap.  

Offer extras 

One of the most effective ways of building a loyal customer base is through discounts. Some popular options include buying one get one free or half-off offers, as well as adding value-added services like providing free gift wrapping. 

These tips from Dayjoy will help you find and attract more customers to your direct sales business.

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