Dayjoy’s Second Year Anniversary Celebration: Two Grateful Years of Business

Is there anything more satisfying than knowing you've made a positive influence in someone else's life? Indeed, seeing someone leading a more fulfilling life because of your efforts is the most fulfilling feeling that an individual can experience.

If you are making this happen from your business, undoubtedly you are in the right industry. We are glad that we are a part of this industry for the past two years & have been making people’s lives simpler and gratifying.

To mark the successful completion of this milestone, we celebrated Dayjoy’s second anniversary and here is a snapshot of what has been going on in our journey so far and what is yet to come.


How It Started

Founded in 2019, Dayjoy is the brainchild of Mr Anmol. With a small range of products, he both started the company with a mission to help ordinary people, irrespective of their background, become their own bosses. Dayjoy takes the burden off their plates and brings amazing results.

Today, there are more than 100 products under different ranges with sustainability as the core tenet. In addition, we have a wide base of representatives spread across the country, ranging from distributors to diamond distributors.


Growing our Company and Team

Since its establishment, our company has gone on from strength to strength, making strides by increasing the number of products, distributors, and even winning awards.

Some of our bragging achievements include:

       Startup of the year award 2020 (Winner)

       Consumer initiative of the year 2020 award (Runner up)

       ISO 9001: 2015 certified



Helping People in Unusual Times

The world has changed a great deal in the past two years, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. Like every other business, our organisation also suffered. But, even in a time of trying challenges like the pandemic, we have grown by leaps and bounds.

We adopted new strategies to deal with the situation so that our distributors don’t face troubles. In all this, we made it a point to be easy to reach for buyers.

Helping Our Community

During the lockdown period, we made a point to help as much as we could. We distributed 1000 pieces of Asthprash – our star product to the relief work against COVID-19 because good immunity is useful to fight the virus. This was done in collaboration with United Sikh (a U.N. affiliated non-profit organization). UNITED SIKHS appreciate the contribution made by DayJoy and helped us in making a mark at the international level.


Announcement of New Launches

From time to time, Dayjoy expanded its products base to provide our audience with the best-in-class items. We did all this because we genuinely care about our end customers, their lifestyles, and their health. We also hope our efforts contribute to helping our distributors’ business and ensure growth.



Here’s to New Frontiers

As always, we are quite optimistic about our company's future. We'll be learning and growing, all the while searching for ways to help our community. We are dedicated to working more aggressively towards bringing a socio-economic transformation and we are certain that our business model will further empower people in achieving their dreams irrespective of their backgrounds. That is who we are and that is how we have envisioned Dayjoy.


Mr Anmol has shepherded the company through two very successful years, backed by an amazing and well-thought network marketing plan   These years have been a blast, and we’re excited about the future. Under their guidance, we are getting closer to our mission and getting better at it every day. We also thank our distributors and shareholders for their contributions to our continued success.