MLM Insight : How To Keep Your Remote Working Teams Productive? 

Due to this pandemic situation, remote-working has become the norm nowadays. Everyone is apprehensive about walking out of their home and network to sell their products. The same goes for network marketing members. MLM distributors prefer to do work from home and build networks online rather than scheduling meetings or appointments with the clients. In this condition, how will you keep up their productivity? To keep this process hassle-free, here are some tips from our experts that will help you know how to manage your remote working team productivity and achieve success at this time. 


1. Provide Structure 

Remember, your team will never grow without a strong foundation. That includes a perfect structure and processes that streamline your work. So, it is better to provide a structure for the distributors working remotely. Scheduling timely meetings with your team helps them keep progressing and manage the work without facing any challenge. 

2. Relax Working Hours 

None of the people wants to work in a strict schedule, especially while working from home. So, if your business is structured for it, try to relax the work schedule so that your team can work productively as per their convenience. Ask them to decide the time when they can work more productively and bring out better outcomes. This way, your organization will surely achieve success, and this work from home doesn't impact their productivity. 

3. Leverage Communication Tools 

Proper communication is the key to manage remote working like a pro. Isn’t it? So, make sure you coordinate with the distributors properly via communication tools. Also, conduct a video conferencing meeting once in a week so that you get to know the status of the work and resolve all the issues on time.  

4. Offer Individual Benefits 

Who doesn’t love to get benefits on achieving small milestones? Everyone does! The same can be applied while working as it motivates them to work harder. But, try to keep the benefits that are actually useful for them. 

For Example, - An employee doesn’t need a free parking pass or a café coupon while working from home. Right? So, think of some useful benefits for your team, such as additional profit on selling a certain number of products or gift hampers on surpassing the monthly target. 

5. Use Time-Tracking Tool 

When you have a team working remotely, then it becomes essential to keep track of what they are working on, especially when they haven't brought in many sales. For that, you can use project management tools and know the status of what work is being done. This will help you grow and ultimately increases the team’s productivity.


These are some of the tips that can help you keep the remote working process of the organization hassle-free and doesn’t affect the productivity of the team as well. Dayjoy being the  top direct selling company in India always ensures that none of the team member’s productivity gets affected due to this pandemic with amazing products that sell for themselves. So, if you are also looking for a platform where you can do the business without any difficulty, then get in touch with us today and live a better tomorrow!