Unilevel MLM: Everything You Need to Know

Network marketing helps you make money through direct selling or unilevel MLM marketing. It is one of the best ways to earn money as a passive income. It does not require any specific qualification. The only requirement to make big in network marketing is the zeal to work and interact efficiently with people. You can earn good money being your boss and working at your convenience through direct selling. 

The need for direct selling gained momentum because of the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Direct sellers started making money by directly selling essential products to the customers. Many people opted to direct sales as their earning source because of job cuts. And it paid off well both to the companies and the direct sellers. Below you will find the list of the top 10 MLM companies in India in 2021 if you plan to start direct selling.

These direct selling companies dealing in healthcare, beauty, Ayurvedic, and wellness products provide better opportunities. You can consider direct selling, your income source, or passively earning some money. This blog will tell you everything about direct selling and network marketing companies. And help you make a better decision to lead a good life.

What is Unilevel MLM?

Direct marketing companies or multilevel marketing companies use either of the one plans to run their business. The two plans that these companies use are the Unilevel plan and the Binary plan. The primary reason to use these plans is, it provides financial freedom and colossal growth.

In a Unilevel plan, you will find only one distribution line. All the sponsored members of the distributor are directly in the first level. And the best part is there are no limitations on the number of people you recruit. Each member is entitled to the same commission rate without any break in the commission. It got the name Unilevel because everyone is on the same level. In Unilevel marketing, the network is extensive, and you can make a commission based on the level depth.

Benefits of Direct Selling

The direct selling companies approach their customers directly to sell their products. These customers become their brand ambassadors and start selling the products to make good incentives. They become advocates of the products they use and encourage others to use them. Here have a look at a few benefits of direct selling.

  • You can start making a steady income and improve your lifestyle.

  • You can work at your convenience and be your boss.

  • You can build your community.

  • You will develop excellent communication and sales skills.

  • It boosts the company's sales, and you can earn incentives accordingly.

List of Direct Marketing Top 10 MLM Companies in India 2021

  1. Oriflame 

  2. Keva Kaipo Industries Industries Pvt Ltd

  3. Amway

  4. Vestige

  5. Modicare

  6. Forever Living Products

  7. IMC

  8. Herbalife

  9. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited

  10. Dayjoy

Conclusion: However, choosing the best and the right direct marketing company is crucial. It would help if you considered a few factors like its reputation, nature of their products, income, etc. One such direct marketing company you can rely on is Dayjoy. It provides excellent opportunities with a fantastic range of products and incentives. If you are looking for passive income, personal branding, and science-backed wellness products, then grab the chance to join Dayjoy.