Nano Tech-52- best for supporting plant growth

Nano Tech-52 (500ml)

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Dayjoy's Nano-Tech 52 (NPK 00:52:34) contains a high quantity of potassium and phosphorus and is used in agriculture, horticulture, and floriculture. Nano-Tech 52 is mainly used in the Flowering and Fruiting Stages of plants. Nano-Tech 52 (NPK 00:52:34) contains premium quality extracts of seaweed and high proportions of potassium and phosphorus. Seaweed stimulates beneficial soil microbial activity, resulting in a substantially larger root mass. Pre bloom as well as post-bloom application. Potassium Increases root growth and improves drought resistance, while phosphorus promotes crop uniformity. 


• Improves luster, uniform color, and taste                                                                                                                                       

• Since pesticides and fungicides are very compatible with this product, all pesticides and fungicides can be mixed when applying this product.

• After using Nano-Tech 52, plants have better flowers, fruits, and vegetables resultin in longer shelf life.

• Phosphorus promotes crop uniformity

• Potassium Increases root growth and improves drought resistance.

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