Transporter - 80 Silicon Spreader: increase nitrogen absorption with this spray

Transporter - 80 Silicon Spreader (250ml)

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Transporter helps transport and translocate nutrients within the plant. A unique Organic manure carries helps in nutrient assimilation, uptake and translocation to different parts of the plants. Spray is a broad spectrum, high energy organic manure with ground breaking effect on plant growth through high bio induced activities. Along with promoting plant growth it also acts as synergist to foliar fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides. Spray has a higher safety coefficient as compared to other organic manures making it environmentally safe. Spray increases plants nitrogen absorption, carbon generation and metabolism.



Directions for Use: 

Transporter-80 is made for foliar application and is used as an adjunct with other agrochemicals. it can be used on all crops and is compatible with almost all agrochemicals. 



• Increases wetting and spreading properties of agrochemicals.

• Helps in penetrating action on waxy and hairy surface of the plant, thus improving the performance of the pesticides.

• Helps faster uptake and penetration of sprayed solution through leaf cuticles.

• Helps in spreading the spray solution and reduces the water requirement.

• No particle charge. Also, does not ionize in water therefore, suitable with most pesticides.

• In the presence of usual salts and chemicals, it prevents runoff and wash off.

• Reduces the dependency of the spray on water.

• Non-phytotoxic and safe to use on crops. It is non-corrosive to spray equipment and prevents clogging of nozzles.


 Dosage Recommendation:

• 5 ml per 15 litres of water or about 70 ml per 200 liters of water per acre of land. 


Other Information:

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Plot no.A-24,Lane No.7 NICE Area, MIDC Nashik-422007


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A-780, Indra Vihar, Talwandi, Kota, Raj-324005 



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