How to Automate Your Network Marketing

In the Network Marketing landscape, ‘Time is Money. The more time you have, the more shall be product sales, and more shall be passive income streams. 

However, a good part of any Network Marketer’s workday is centered around making calls and engaging with 100’s ideal prospects. The right automation approach can optimize existing strategies for accelerated productivity and growth. 

Here are 5 ways you too can automate your network marketing efforts. 

1. A Great Recruitment Video 

Recruitments take the majority of the time and prevent network marketers from focussing on sales strategies. Explaining the exact job roles, responsibilities, and expectations of multiple prospects is tiring and time-consuming. 

A recruitment video is a simple yet very effective way to put an end to this time-killing exercise. You can share the video on your private chat groups, and social media account, and even advertise it to automate the initial stages of hiring. 

2. Create Training Modules 

Your job doesn't end with hiring; you have to train them too! The training may vary depending on the different categories of recruits. 

For instance, a first-time Network Marketer may require all-around training, whereas a seasoned marketer may only require information on product portfolio, target audience, compensation plan, etc. 

Based on these objectives, you can create training modules for different categories and save a whole amount of time from focusing on business growth.   

3. Use Social Media As A Lead Magnet

Creating a dedicated social media page is simple and easy. You can create multiple pages across multiple platforms and use them to connect and engage with your target audience. 

The rules for active social media success are as simple as they can get. 

       Share information, content, and product details regularly.

       Respond to feedback and queries

       Create a lookalike audience based on research, platform insights, etc.

       Target these audiences through engaging content, ads, and more.

       Evaluate current goals and strategies

       Optimize strategy depending on the response  

4. Leverage Email Marketing 

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to automate retargeting initiatives related to recruitment and sale. Once you have a considerable mailing list of prospective recruits and customers, a well-crafted email series that offers good value to your prospects will fast track transition from ideal prospects to product users. 

Email Autoresponders (a series of emails sent to a specific mailing list within a set time interval ) offers multiple benefits to Network Marketers. These include: 

       Create long-term relationships

       Consistent zero-cost advertising of products

       Compel quality prospects to take immediate action

       Measure efforts easily for better insights

       Continuous optimization  

5. Setting Up A Sales Funnel 

Last but not least, after automating lead generation, and email autoresponders, the last piece in the puzzle is a sales funnel such as a website where an ideal prospect can find all the information he/she needs, make an inquiry, purchases products, leave feedback, and engage in a more personalized way. 

Setting up a website is very simple and affordable these days. Even if you don’t know a thing about creating a website, you can hire a freelancer who would charge a nominal fee. 

 Integrate these ways in your strategy today and make the most of the highest-paying multi-level marketing. Because technology may not guarantee success, but it makes your plan of action efficient and effective.


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