Key Habits Of Successful Network Marketers Around The World

We have often heard that success is not a phase but a habit for people. Network Marketing and direct selling are all about growth, which is a definite marker of your success in this field. In the end, it all boils down to keeping the right habits of the trade and letting go of the bad habits that may bring you down.  

Your goals in life determine what the right habits for you are, and if your goal is growth in the business, then there are a certain set of habits you must cultivate. Eventually, these habits will pave your way to success. 

Here are the key habits of learning from successful network marketers from around the world. 

Habits of Succesful Network Marketers

       Listen Closely

Trying to solve a customer’s problem without listening to them is like going to swim in the ocean without any knowledge or tools: you have no idea what you are dealing with. Listen to them closelyand you will have a higher chance of making a sale. It helps you understand the situation better, build a better quality of relationships, and focus on the main issue.

       Learn to Keep Your Word

Successful marketers always keep their word because they know the importance of it. Their entire business is based on the right word and the right message. You will rarely find them being late on anything, and forgetting their word is not their personality trait. This is why keeping your word is an important aspect of the business, as that makes your customers have fewer complaints and more praise for your punctuality.


       Say Nice Things About Others

Negative talk about anything often creates a negative headspace for your customers, and thus, spoils the deal for you. Having a positive and progressive mindset often attracts a lot of people as they love doing business with people that are likable in that sense. Even if you are delivering criticism to someone on the downline of your business network, make it constructive, so they learn and improve at the same time.

       Focus On One Task At A Time

Multitasking may be the mantra of the world right now so you can get more and more done, but when it comes to making it a habit, it may be more hurtful than beneficial. It actually takes more effort and energy from your brain and can hamper productivity in the long run. To avoid stress, burning out completely, or making frequent mistakes, it is better for the person to focus on one thing at a time.

       Praise Your Team When They Do Well

Building morale and praising the efforts of the team members who did well is just as important as helping them learn the secrets of the business. Your appreciation of their work will go a long way in creating the right impact on their mind and giving better results in the long run.

If they get one great result, encouraging them might bring two the next time, and before you know it, they are a leader themselves. A good leader always cultivates more leaders.

       Contact New Leads Every Week

For a network marketer, keeping the expansion running is the most important part of their work cycle. Contacting new leads, be it for recruitment, for sale, or for investment, is something that must happen on a weekly basis, if not daily.

Eventually, you will come to that level where you contact new leads every day, further increasing your chances of success.

       Make a Work Schedule

A work schedule keeps you on the right track whenever you begin work. It is the simplest thing to do and does not take more than 15 minutes of a day, but the effect of planning and scheduling makes the entire day easy for you to breeze through. Simply saying, “What gets scheduled gets done.


       Say ‘Thanks’

Gratitude is a rare quality these days in people, and when someone says thank you, it resonates with the receiver for a long time. It is the kind of positive mindset that sets a person apart from the rest. Be thankful to people for their time, and be thankful to your team for their support. Most of all, be thankful for the conditions that brought you where you stand.


Habits often make or break a person in terms of their qualities, position, and success in making their life just like they dreamed about it. This is why the right habits are always a great pillar of your success. At Dayjoy, we empower the right habits with the best Direct Selling marketing plan so people can gain success and grow with us as representatives and our true brand ambassadors. Join Dayjoy’s marketing plan today and create the difference that you always wanted in your life.   

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